Agritourism Dol


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Following the flow of the river Raša, from the Plomin bay to the hearth of Istria, you inevitably pass through a vast field named Gologoricki Dol. This is a long-settled area, so already in ancient times people started building rural homes. Labijen family, one of the oldest Roman patricians, had their mansion built here so many centuries ago. Among many hamlets, you can find one named Lukačići, where Stojsic family, whose name appears in old town book from the year 1644, founded Agritourism Dol in the year 2000.

Agroturizam Dol

Not far from the falls, there is a large traditional house in which Stojsic family live and where anybody can found accommodation, spacious wine cellar and beautiful landscaping. Unmistakable proof that you have arrived at a resting stop is the smell of the stables in which a home found numerous ducks, chicken, pigs, and calves. But, each visitor will surely carry with him home the sensation and odours from the pantry, where Istrian dried prosciutto and sausages patiently hangs, and you can try them with a range of local gourmet produce and wine from the vineyards that stretch towards the sun drenched valley. Among the red wines, family is producing its own blend of teran and merlot, as well as strange and unusual blend of muscat and pinot that distinguish from white wines. And, unavoidable, there is Istrian malvasia.

Three generations in the family tend to sheep, goats and horses. Mares are currently still small, but in a few years they will be ready to take guests to their saddle. The hosts will gladly call you during your stay in the harvest of grapes or olives, carrying about the garden or animals, mowing or planting vegetables, depending of the season. And, as a reward, every food lover’s dream awaits you. You can choose from fresh bread out of the oven, domestic prosciutto, cheese and bacon, minestrone, pasta and gnocchi, ravioli and meet under the baking lid. For cooler days a big fireplace is sure to warm you up and from it you can indulge yourself with istrian supa and fried sausages with sauerkraut. Agritourism has its own boškararin’s (a sort of Taurus), whose indigenous Istrian meat comes carefully prepared and deliciously served on the table.

Four double bed rooms complement the holiday. Wooden interior will remind you of the days of our grandmothers and every awakening will bring a range of new tastes and smells of agritourism. You can spend your day by driving in a carriage, walking the woods and hiking trails, and while relaxing in your outdoor walk indulge yourselves in picking mushrooms, asparagus, blackberries, elderberries and other seasonal plants, abundant in the area around the estate. Nearby, the little place of Gologorica is located, at the top of the ridge, from which highly visible sits the tower of Romanesque church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The site is accessed through Vela vrata (a narrow passage) inside the medieval walls. Also, there is a cave Piskovica nearby, named after the marl for which a local expression is piska. In the wider area you can find Cerovlje Draguc, Pazin and other cities and villages.