Agritourism Courts of St. George


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In stone oasis of Krk olive groves stands an agrotourism Courts of St. George, from whose windows extends a unique view on the Bay of St. George, the island of Cres and unspoiled nature. Under the ardour of the sun, the fragrances of the sea and olive oil, tireless owner Robby recounts the beginnings of this hidden corner of the past times, in the immediate vicinity of the town of Krk, which is restored at the site of the former homestead Bon Martin. Dvori Svetog JurjaIt is a journey to the era of our nannies’ food flavours and our grandfathers’ fruit of labour. A special pride of this agrotourism is a local olive oil and vinegar, but visitors can, like us, enjoy in the Krk lamb, octopus, grilled fish, and wildlife. There is, certainly, unavoidable domestic prosciutto, Krk sheep cheese and several varieties of local wine from Malvasia to Žlahtina.

Golden island of Krk is bears its name from olives, and Courts are located right on Olive Path, where we met many hikers. Those with an excess of enthusiasm can try their hand at riding, bow and arrow, fishing and diving, boating, and for a complete adrenaline experience there are Jeep rides, safari rides, quad biking, Hover Craft, Zip line and paintball.

No matter how much strength and willingness you have, at the end need for a rest prevails. Entering the house, built by native stone in authentical architecture, we find a large living room accompanied with stone fireplace, kitchen and dining room. The owner has made an effort to keep the original styles in combination of wood and stone, which is especially evident in the bedroom upstairs. The all-embracing peace is achieved by solitude of St. George, which is connected to the rest of the Krk island by macadam roads and walking paths. In this way the guests on the terrace are enjoying themselves uninterrupted, next to wooden tables where you can meet the charms and secrets of Krk cuisine. Culinary fantasy abounds, which complements the extraordinary experience of agrotourism.