Family farm Plesničar


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Unmistakable scent of lavender could lead you to a small farm on the outskirts Lic. Oldest place in Fužine municipality is known for the shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, built in 1733, the year when, according to the legend, the villagers started to renovate the dilapidated St. John the Baptist Church which kept collapsing. On 5th of August snow fell again and out of snow they built a chapel and inside of which Mother of God has appeared. The shrine may have been built on the miracle, but Plesničar estate was built on the basis of the great love for nature's gifts.

OPG Plesničar

Fragrant kingdom of Plesničar family, although best known for lavender, is abundant of orchards and cranberry and the surrounding area has a wealth of natural flavours and fragrances. Family’s first lavender field was planted in 2008, and it is Lavandula angustifolia, which is extremely favourable for continental climate and mountainous region, and its properties are suitable for making edible products. So on the shelves of wooden house on the farm there can be found: elders flower syrup, eglantine syrup, lavender syrup, lemon balm soap, lavender cookies which fits perfectly with lavender brandy. Furthermore, there are sea salt with lavender, named Harmony of sea and mountains, then liqueur from elder berries and plum jam with lavender, and teas are represented by lavender tea and magic of nature that is made from the mixture of herbs.

Ingenuity of the family is best seen in the programs that they prepare on their property as well as around Lič. Each season is a new challenge. Visitors can pick medicinal herbs, flower on meadows, get familiar with forest comforts, find wild fruit. The story does not stop here; harvested fruit is then processed together in activities such as cooking jam, making cookies and the like. Programs are appropriate to the various age, interests and abilities. Coming to the fore is a spiritual component, so it is certainly uncommon to find the blessing of the womb, global meditation of woman, first held here in 2012.

By coming to this unique piece of Lič field visitor observes all the magic of nature. Clearly defined is coexistence among plants on the property and its immediate surroundings. Visitor immediately feels somewhat inexplicable connection with groves and mountains, the breeze that caresses Lič valley, and though surrounded by village, being at Plesničar feels like it is miles away from the influence of busyness and stress.