Agroturizam Manjon

Agroturism Manjon and Helicicultura

Driving along the old road to Veprinac, once the only possible way to reach the mountain Učka, there is a side road leading to the village Rukavac. This area below the slopes of mountain Lisina has a long Liburnian tradition, saving the original specialties, and bell ringers history. Agritourism Manjon is situated in the centre of Rukavac and is the only agritourism that owns

Agroturizam Dušani

Agroturism Dušani

In the immediate vicinity of Pazin, seat of the Istria County, you can walk through the Valley of Mills, which leads Pazin to gorgeous waterfall “Pazinski krov” and “Zarečki krov”. The trails also lead alongside “Pazinčica” river canyon, walking near old mills, and ends just beneath agritourism “Dušani”. In the same village, surrounded by nature, murmuring stream and bird song...

Agroturizam Kaštel Pineta

Agroturism Kaštel Pineta

Once the Labin area was full of large landowners. The latest of them, Baron Lazzarini had his headquarters in the village of Saint Martin. The local people call this large property Baronov kort. With the flat, in the castle were the paddock, stables, and large cellars. All yields at home and barn were divided in half: wheat, potatoes, grapes, hogs, cattle...

Agroturizam Japodi

Agroturism Japodi

Far from busy highways, tall buildings and jammed parking lots, between highland plateau and coniferous forest lies the place, seemingly so far away: Mrkopalj. For those who want to spend their vacation in the winter, with snow creaking under her feet, the snow blizzards, sledding, skiing in a friendly atmosphere, Mrkopalj area is the right destination...