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7 day food & wine tour in Istria and Kvarner

Price per person: 6.108,- Kn

KotliAvailability: May 25-31, June 15-21, July 20-26, August 17-23, September 21-27

- Interactive cooking in the company of friendly and hospitable hosts
- Kringa, the place of the first European vampire
- Dinner aboard a ship on Bajer lake - Learn how to prepare Istrian food, coal miners’ meal, Istrian soup - Kvarner islands
- Devil's Passage
- Authentic Istrian rural accommodation, homesteads and agritourisms, taverns with homemade food
- Homemade brandy, wine and olive oil

Day one
Transportation from the Venice, Trieste, or Pula airport to rural village Kotli in central Istria. Dinner: minestrone with corn and homemade fuži pasta with sausage and beef stew.

Day two
Short training in local gastronomic traditions followed by lunch. Visit to winemaker Anđelini, for tasting of Istrian Malvasia, Chardonney, Cabarnet and Merlot, and honey. Tour of the Pazin caste and cave where Jules Verne set a large part of his novel Mathias Sandorf. Visit to the Vošten prosciutto ham manufactory. Learn how prosciutto is made, and walk around the estate. Dinner in Tomaž Tavern constists of prosciutto, cheese, smoked pork loin and bacon, pasta with venison, boškarin (authentic Istrian ox) steak with potatoes and grilled vegetables and kroštule and fritters. Live music.

Day three
Free morning, with possibility of riding or participating in learning the glagolitic script (old medieval Croatian script). Visit to the House of Biska (old brandy recipe made from domestic white mistletoe and four herb species) in Hum, the UNESCO smallest town in the world. Lunch in Valter Kolinasi tavern: ham and cheese with truffle, young corn soup, pasta with truffles or pork loin with sauerkraut and kroštoli with famous Istrian soup (made of wine). Visit to Jure Grando vampire museum in Kringa, the first vampire recorded in Europe. Interactive food workshop on agritourism Ograde ends with meat under the lid.