Food-tastic Croatia

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Day four
KarnevalKrk island experience. Magriž artisan cheese maker will carry us through the process of producing cheese, processing and finally tasting. Enjoy the excellent island food and olive oil, and an excellent selection of wines from Agritourism Courts of St. George (Dvori sv. Jurja). Lunch: homemade ham and cheese, octopus with potatoes, and Krk sweets, among which is the famous Krk fig cake. Tasting of brandies made from fig, herbs or wine, and the authentic wines žlahtina, brajdica and prošek in Nada tavern in Vrbnik. Dinner: ham and cheese, šurlice (homemade pasta) with stew and cake.

Day five
Tour of Highlands – Gorski kotar.
Walking through the Devil's Passage, a rare example of deep gorge, with waterfall and cave in the end. Lunch at Zeleni vir mountain house in Skrad. Visit to the local blueberry and raspberry producers. Interactive tour of edible aromatic lavender with family Plesničar in Lič. Highland dinner aboard a ship on Bajer lake in Fužine.

Day six
The National Museum of Labin will familiarize us with the customs of the coal miners who used to live in this area. We prepare a miners’ meal, a sandwich consisting of two equal sized slices of bread, precisely shaped by the size of the mining jacket pocket and stuffed with bacon, greaves, sometimes boiled or roasted meats, and usually scrambled eggs. Lunch in Kaštel Pineta: soup with trukinjicu (sweet corn), domestic fuži or gnocchi with rabbit stew, and Labin krafi (sweet dough).
Walking through the Lungo Mare in Lovran. Visit to the Carnival bell ringers museum and interactive learning of bowling games and how to make Istrian wine soup. Farewell dinner in agritourism Manjon: snails cocktail, istrian sausage with snails, vol-au-vent with snails a la Bourgogne, and vegetable pie; venison with bread dumplings with chicory and pancetta salad; and ice cream made from Lovran chestnuts and raspberries, followed by Imperial presnac cake with champagne.

Day seven
Breakfast and departure to the airport.