Tomažova prosciutto tavern


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Imagine having your own living room, decorated in traditional rustic style, turn into a space where every acquaintance and traveller could stop by for a glass of homemade Teran. If you call before coming, you will get a taste of superior “boškarin” or indigenous Istrian ox. Domestic brandies are poured while you sit on one of the many chairs and armchairs, among which there are no similar ones. The story about life issues continues, and on the table comes freshly sliced prosciutto and cheese. Such place is not fiction - it is called Tomažova tavern and is located in Vošteni, near St. Lovreč.

Miro Vošten is famed Istrian prosciutto maker. In the cellar of the tavern there is a production of traditional meat products. You can taste local Istrian prosciutto, pork loin, sausage and bacon. The quality of Vošten prosciutto has been recognized by experts awarding them recognition for the quality of the product. The owner would be happy to walk you through the prosciutto making process and explain the way it is made. Do not be surprised if Miro suddenly leaves you alone for a moment, because in Vošteni there is always something happening. During our visit we engaged in processing a sheep, and as necessity does not ask for the time, the highlight of our visit was the experience of spaying a boar. In normal conditions, however, Tomažova tavern is impeccable example of superior gastronomic delight. With revered prosciutto, here you can enjoy “fuži” with game, steak with indigenous “boškarin”, traditional Istrian fritters or “kroštule”. Enchanting stone courtyard is a place of many meetings and Istrian festivities, and there are plenty of local accordions. Teran is poured incessantly, either as Istrian soup or refreshments under centennial trees.

If you want to stay longer, no problem. Vošteni provide accommodation in their apartments. Although it does not follow rustic architecture of the tavern, it does provide a great view of the village and its surroundings. There is also Saint Lovreč- one of the best preserved medieval fortified towns in Istria. The village is named after the church of St. Lawrence, which originates from the VIIth century, while the Romanesque bell tower was added on in the XIth century, and is located near the town- on the local cemetery. The circular shape of the settlement dates back to prehistoric times when on the same hill a fort once stud. Already in the Byzantine era Lovreč was fortified by walls and towers, which were later repeatedly thoroughly restored, and most of the fortifications visible today dates from the time when Venetian military administration had its hub in Saint Lovreč.

Visit to Tomaževa prosciutto tavern is often a part of our multi day tours.