Tavern Volta


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It is a real pleasure to sit on the shores of Lake Bajer, surrounded by pine forests, ancient trees on the slopes of Tuhobic and Viševica, overlooking Fužine. From the 17th century Fužine, the centre of timber industry and the excavation of iron ore, on the old road Carolina and as a railway station, quickly became a favourite destination for tourists. In 1874, a group of guests arrived by special train from Sušak, Rijeka and surrounding coastal towns, and even before that travellers stopped in one of Fužine inns.

Certainly many of them passed by the house that was constructed back in the 1839 in the town centre, where tavern Volta is today. Far from the eyes of passers-by, cellar hides the original ambience and arched stone vaults. Restaurant with fireplace takes 50 people, while another 30 can be placed on decorated terrace and aperitif bar. It is a place of traditional highland culinary specialties. Cold appetizers start with hard and smoked cheese, but cow cheese škripavac clearly distinguishes from others. Besides that a good combination is certainly homemade beacon, smoked ham or prosciutto and venison sausage. From hot appetizers surprise lays in breadcrumbed frog legs. As befits highland climate, the highlighted soups are Hunter’s soup and mushroom soup.

However, Volta is known for its game dishes. Surrounded by dense forests, locals are preparing venison as their specialty in the kitchen for centuries. Particularly interesting are the gamestew, game steaks with cranberry sauce, then in various other sauces, and baked boar. Certainly characteristic of Volta are dishes of horse meat, and also here you can try čevapčići from horse, horse patties stuffed with cheese, horse steak in green pepper sauce. Other common meat dishes are also on taverns offer.

Given the wealth of water at hand, somewhat surprisingly is the meagre fish list, from which only the grilled trout is highlighted. Many will say that the greatest reminder of Volta is strudel and pancakes with berries. The owner of the Volta, Renata Korica Vlahovic, emphasizes that she is always ready for another autochthonous meals for group visits. Then, the tavern is filled with the scents of rolled veal, escargots, horse meat and seasoned stew of mushrooms. Ms. Renata has its own orchard in Lič, near Fužine, where she grows apples, plums, cherries, blueberries and other fruits that succeeds so well in the mountain conditions. With them she prepares homemade jam and brandy, so hurry, in the season of each fruit, to try highland tradition of fruitage from mountains.

Wine list is poor, but Krauthakers Riesling and Plenkovićev Zlatan Plavac stand out. It is richly compensated by domestic brandies, such as plum brandy, fruit brandy, grape, pear, bisque, mead and fruit liqueurs. If you get tired of eating and drinking, inside the house are rooms “Ela”, with ten double rooms at a cost of 100 kuna (~16€) for rent. The decision to stay overnight will surely offer you enjoyment on the paths along the lake or on the hiking trails that surround this quiet town in the midst of the harsh beauty of mountain nature. The overall impression is complemented by surroundings and heritage in the area of Volta and Fužine. Hospitality and family atmosphere is enriched by the experience of separation from everyday life and the ease of being in the Gorski Kotar.