Our Vision

Alex & Vedran

Success requires a simple calculation consisting of trust and innovation. Starting with ourselves, we have built mutual trust while writing ideas and thoughts on paper and explored the market to try to find what is novelty is much needed in our country. After a long period of research, computation, assessment, meetings, travel and interpersonal differences in ideas, concepts and ways of doing things we decided to promote and maintain a level of quality of tradition and heritage, sometimes overly forgotten times. And as tourism industry is strongly represented in our country, and within that there is nobody who represents our originality and authenticity, we came to the conclusion that through travel agency we will be working to increase the quality of tourist destinations in Croatia. That why our projects includes sustainable community and regional development, interpersonal communication between caterers and households. We are aware that the real opportunities for the development of this form of tourism, and other factors related to the project, in fact has no limits.

What do we offer you?

Our journey from the initial idea of opening the agency took us on a journey without end. We met with many people, the owners of various farmhouses and family households, rural houses, wineries, dairies, oil refineries and many others. It was not hard to connect with these people because of their outstanding benevolence and kindness. Love of the fruits of their labour charmed us, their forcefulness and charisma is unrivalled and honesty in collaboration portrayed as the key to success. Our agency offers a gastronomic delight and rural experience and keeps moving to an even longer distance since the potential seems like an unreachable horizon. Work on the arrangements, development and the enhancement of quality, working with people and associates, gives us a unique insight into the direction in which we move and only now we fully understand that this is the real goal, and a real challenge. On this journey to you, our guest, we provide the best, highest quality, challenging tours, outlined in the scents and flavours of our beloved homeland. We are willing to share that experience to our guests, as friends and acquaintances, whom we want to show, whom we want to open a whole world of fragrances, our Taste of Adriatic by a fusion of pleasure, relaxation and peace of mind that is so needed in today’s world.

We take you on a very special journey...