About Us

Aleksandar Peša

There are a lot of things that make me happy in my life. From children’s clumsiness to achieved goals. I had a goal in life to become a self-employed in transport industry. For this, I have tried to acquire certain habits and cognitions; but to have an idea and realizing one are two, completely, different things. As it happens in life, the outcomes of my goals have encountered a drastic turning point.Alex & Vedran All the decisions I’ve made in my life were with the intention that it will take me to my goal. So was the decision to move away to a bigger city, which took me on slightly further way than I expected. I found a job in a firm where I have decided to move up ranks to gain precious knowledge and experience that I would later use in my own company. I found a roommate and moved together with him in my new apartment. This acquaintance proved to be extremely productive and out of this acquaintance, which eventually led to friendship, came an idea which led me and motivates to continuously evolve my innovation and ability to develop, just the way I love to do things. From the original idea of a transport & shipping company, my goal, along with my life, turned a new chapter. From there on, my new friend and I shared different experiences and views on life and the environment in which we found ourselves, but we quickly found a common trait, because we both believe that our best ideas and innovations come into play when we have the ability to direct them on our own.

My view about healthy life is pretty clear to anyone with whom I enter into a relationship. As a basis to quality of coexistence, and a way of life, my focus is on honesty. Honesty introduced me to the qualities which had never I have previously never been aware of. From school to home, I learned that the truth can never hide itself, because sooner or later it comes to light. You can only lie once, and after that it is very hard to remember what you lied about. Honesty is a lot easier to live with and trust was the first thing I built with my new friend, now business partner. It is the foundation of our business relationships and our success. And that is exactly what our associates and guests notice, the people with whom we share ideas and concepts, as well as problems and instability. Although it is not all that great and wonderful in life, if we share these issues with our colleagues they will appreciate the same and they will notice and cherish the potential and sincerity we have.