We invite you to enjoy the tastes and aromas of Istria, Kvarner, Gorski kotar and Lika! Unique discoveries lie in homemade, fresh and organic products of these regions. Join our tours, which are a real alternative to Tuscany, Umbria, Spain, Provence!



Kvarner is an inestimable combination of sea, islands and highlands in an exceptionally small space. In just one day you can sail by yacht or bathe in the sea and then enjoy in the shadow of the near-by woods in the hinterland. In winter you can ski with a view of the sea and then enjoy, just a few kilometres away, in a salt-water swimming pool or in long walks by the sea. Opatija and Lovran are known for their Austro-Hungarian influence, summer villas and resting places of crowned heads of Europe. From here to Matulji and on, to the Slovenian border, is Liburnia, a special region with excellently preserved culinary traditions. Rijeka and its surrounding are especially vivid during the Carnival season, when old customs are blessed with Carnival foods. The ecologically clean Kvarner region is the foundation of the rich offer of healthy food and diet. Thanks to the Mediterranean and maritime influences, the cuisine of the coastal area (Primorje) is based on fish, shellfish, crabs, molluscs, lamb, pasta, Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, spices, olives and olive oil, chestnuts (maruni) and wine.

Kvarner islands

Kvarnerski otoci

Cres, Lošinj and the islands of its archipelago, Krk, Rab, each island is a world unto itself, disclosing a special story about past and present times, tradition as well as modern tourist programmes and facilities. All together, these islands represent an extraordinary tourist value of the Kvarner region and provide an opportunity for a delightful stay, with quality service and a unique world of nature, customs and cultural heritage. Watch the flight of griffon vultures - almost extinct elsewhere -, adopt a dolphin, set off along the Glagolitic paths or participate in old knights' games, bathe on marvellous secluded beaches, dive, sail, walk along arranged paths, taste delicious dishes and equally delicious wines… and enjoy the rich cultural and historical heritage. Each island and each village have their own distinct food preparation styles. Vrbnička žlahtina, an authentic white wine from the Island of Krk complements traditional Kvarner dishes perfectly. Kvarner can boast numerous culinary specialties: Kvarner scampi especially appreciated by gourmets, island lamb, cherries and chestnuts (maruni) from Lovran, first-class olive oil, mushrooms, forest fruit, game and frogs from the inland, cheeses: Grobnik cheese, goat cheese and škripavac (cow cheese), pasta specialty: šurlice from the Island of Krk.