Gorski kotar

Kvarnerski otoci

Gorski kotar is the region connecting continental and Mediterranean Croatia. This is a region offering peace at any time of the year, pleasant freshness in summer and it welcomes you in the winter snowy idyll you can recall only from old postcards. At any time of the year you can feel the active holidays adrenaline flowing and enjoy in the rich local table with gastronomic specialties prepared of forest fruits and venison. If you are looking for almost meditative peace or active holidays on the other hand, for unforgettable adventures or just for pleasant winter evenings by the fireplace, then you've come to the right place. Gorski kotar is a real gastronomic surprise! Venison meat lovers will certainly come into their own here since the local menu includes venison smoked ham, venison or deer stew with home-made «gnocchi» or bread dumplings. Likewise many mushroom, frog legs, trout dishes etc. are on the menu. Famous and highly appreciated are dishes based on pickled cabbage for which this region has been famous since ancient times. It is also good to know this: the pickled cabbage liquid (pickle) is an excellent cure for hangovers! Forest fruits are an excellent motive for spending your day picking – organized by your hosts as an interesting tourist programme – to end the day tasting traditional dishes and sweets made of strawberries, juniper berries, apples, elder or different types of mushrooms, potatoes etc.


Kvarnerski otoci

Istria is indeed a feast for the eyes. The view is splendid: white-topped mountains, lush wheat fields, plateaux, valleys, vineyards and olive groves on hillsides, and, finally the sea. As you get to know Istria you will notice more and more enchanting details: church facades and portals, tiny village alleyways with their specific architectural touches, the babble of a stream, the blossoming cherries. Everything is warm–hearted and friendly here: nature, towns and people.

Life along the coasts of Istria has always been closely linked to the sea. Seafarers found shelter in the coves' embrace, fishermen respected such mysterious wide open spaces throughout their entire life, and travellers discovered new loves in its harbours. But there is also another Istria, a hidden Istria, whose treasures are also worth exploring - the inland heart of Istria, green Istria, a land between dreams and reality, a land of beauty and peace of history and clean, unspoiled nature. Its towns and its people will bid you welcome and let you share in their spirit and the times long gone. Welcome to the land of history, beauty and vitality!

If you wish to feel the atmosphere of good old country households, wholesome dishes of the traditional cuisine, romantic hearths and scented wine cellars, discover the charms of country tourism, small family-run rural hotels and homesteads.