Rural House Albino


Details & Photos

In the village of Vlašići there is yet another traditional villa, old Vlašić family house, restored in the rural holiday house “Albino”. Located next to rural house “Regina”, this house remains faithful to traditional architecture which was present both in Istria, as well as in other parts of our region. Stone houses were ideal because of their ability to retain heat well without reheating the entire area and it remains at a comfortable temperature for an evening of socializing and relaxation. Already at the mere sight of the exterior of the house you get the impression of beauty and its connection with the rest of the environment, which is abundant with trees and flowers, a full range of nature. Stone and nature work perfectly together and so will every guest who Ruralna Kuća Albinovisits this rural house see the true potential of a quality vacation for both the body and the soul.

Modern day trends best come to expression in these forms of villas. Innovation and originality of the owners of these houses is placed under real test. And of course, in Rural house “Albino”, the combination of tradition and modernity has been successfully achieved. Pool, which adorns the garden, blends well with the environment and provides an additional comfort. The interior of the house has all the necessary comfort, skilfully blended with a combination of stone facades and wooden beams on the ceiling. Dominant stone vault, instead of conventional doors, gives the expression of a larger interior space. On entrance guests are greeted by a large welcoming area, and if they are eager to rest for a short time you only need to make a few steps and you are already placed in a comfortable position on a spacious couch. And if you need to put your groceries on the right place, opposite is a modern kitchen in a well thought combination of stone and wood. For a longer rest period there are three bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other two have separate beds, in total comfortable and spacious place for six.

Holiday in Vlašići, for family or friends, consists not only of this unique house. As in all of Istria, so in this small village, within easy reach are available all the facilities for that well-earned fun and leisure. Just ten kilometres away there is Labin, with its centuries-old cultural traditions, restaurants for every taste. And only 15 kilometres from Vlašići there is Rabac, popular beach destination for tourists, as well for local residents. Besides the beach in Rabac there is a wide variety of clubs and bars for those who want a slightly different form of entertainment. Of course, everything in Istria is easily accessible and very close. Every corner of Istria is only an hour drive from Vlašići, so take a guide and review the options that you want to visit while you are resting in this ideal rural villa "Albino".