Istrian Kotli


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Istra Kotli

Beauty is in the eyes of the individual, but in the case of Istrian Kotli it is undisputed. Where Istrian land meets river Mirna, near old towns of Buzet, Roč and Hum, lies hidden a small village of Kotli. Just a few kilometres away from the Glagolitic Lane, this small place of millers and tailors seems hundreds of miles away from the rest of the world. Surrounded by woods and trails suitable for hiking and cycling, Kotli opens doors to visitors in a world of stone troughs that are reminiscent of the cauldrons - containers that were once used for cooking in homes, and through which the the Mirna river flows, falling in cascades. As if river Mirna (which means quiet, still) confirms its name by providing the peace among the yards, porches, arches and chimneys of once large village of Hum Region.

We sit under the trees of the only tavern in the village Kotlić and talk with the owners of eight houses, renovated in traditional Istrian style, which stand opposite each other in a row. White fronts and the stone wall, architecture used to build old Istrian houses, Istarska Hiža, hide an entry into the world of peace and comfort, originality and inventiveness, keeping heat in winter and coolness in summer. Early in the evening you enjoy yourself sipping wine near boćalište, a Mediterranean game similar to curling, or in the small pool with refreshments overlooking the Istrian hills. This cultural heritage is a wonderful destination for all seasons, from spring fragrance of immortelle, through the summer refreshments in the river Mirna, and the autumn joys of wine and olives until the winter comfort by the old fireplace.

Accidentally or intentionally, Kotli will not disappoint you; whether you came for a short sightseeing and relaxing or for a few days of peace and harmony.