Rural House Regina


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The village of Vlašići, near Kršan, was once a vast agricultural community, and today it is a place of peace and enjoyment. In this secluded place time seems to stand still, especially when one enters into the world of tradition of Casa Regina. But apart from the stone house, built in 1905, every guest will be pleasantly surprised by a special story that is tied to this estate.

Casa Regina

Former farm consists of a family house, a summer kitchen and a barn with chicken coop. As mother Regina and grandmother Roža were doing housework and cooking, the main house was named after the mother, Regina, and the summer kitchen after grandmother, Roža. The men were caring after the animals on the farm as well as all the hard work on it, so the other rural house is called after the father, Albino, and another object is called after their grandfather, Tone. Owners wanted to preserve the memory on their predecessors in this way. Family was well known in the past. Grandfather Tone was the last driver of the horse carriage in a wider area of this county. Last horse, Licko, has dragged the carriage 47 years ago, the same carriage that can be seen today in a passage way under the house. Grandfather Tone has supplied materials and food for whole Kršan, and on occasion transported the deceased.

The house Regina was restored in 2004. Stone exterior blends perfectly with the interior, in which stone vaults are dominant as they separate the kitchen from the living room, and two built-in stone windows which adorn the main wall of the living room. The same imagined windows complement four commodious bedrooms, two of which are double-beds and two single-beds, with wooden supported roof preserving traditional way of building. Vault doorways give a sense of spaciousness throughout the house. The interior consists of modern wooden furniture which nicely fills the entire space. The house is fully stocked, and for an additional cost you can obtain local food and groceries.

A vacation complements an outdoor swimming pool, with a beautiful porch and a fireplace next to it. In the vicinity and all around are small Istrian places and villages in which you can enjoy traditional architecture, taverns, agritourisms, wineries, and not far away is the town of Labin with its rich history and cultural, taste, and pleasure offers.