Rural House Sirotnjak


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Ruralna Kuća Sirotnjak

High above Medveja, hidden among the hills of Mount Učka, there is a villa named Sirotnjak. Situated by the walking trail “Slap”, on the way to memorable waterfall, that passes through chestnut, oak and elm forest, and then over ancient terraces where once people cultivated the land. It is on this path that we come across Lovranska Draga, a little village in the romantic valley on the eastern slopes of Učka.

One of the uniqueness’ of Lovranska Draga is certainly old family house, which has been renovated by the family Sirotnjak. Spacious estate, located at the top of the village, provides a staggering view of houses, groves and the sea in the far distance. Former stone houses are transformed in a bound between traditional décor and modern day furniture and appliances, thus providing a unique holiday surrounded by mountains. Rural house consists of a spacious tavern offering local wines, brandies and liqueurs, and apartments with three separate rooms in the attic, decorated with wooden beams, just like in times of our grandmothers. Each room has its own bathroom, and common area consists of a kitchen and a commodious living room. Guests will certainly enjoy themselves among the stone walls of the terraces and plot, surrounded by greenery and absolute silence, and the hosts will generously offer tasty wine and flavours of long ago learned Liburnian dishes.

Far from a noisy speed of large cities, and close to picturesque places of Lovran, Liganj and Medveja, Lovranska Draga is a favourite resting place from an everyday life.