Golden paths of Krk island

Krk - Glagoljica i Suhozid

Long ago there were 350.000 olive trees on the island. Today that figure seems distant and mystical, but olive growers in the association Drobnica try to fix the old paths in order for their mills and olive shops to recreate the new wealth of litres of golden-yellow oil. Old, native varieties enrich gastronomy on the island. On olive oil maps there are now many previously unjustly neglected Kvarner oils. New ideas make imaginative oil bottles, sold at small family-run olive oil manufactures, or in tourist souvenir shops. This oil is increasingly making its way to the tables and restaurants. Increasingly, different tastes and smells of oil are blending with various food and wine. Delicate dishes like fish, cooked or grilled, or various brunches love oil without bitterness, because here it must not cover up the original flavour. A little harder oil is used as a great addition to sauces, cruder meats and cheeses, which abounds in Krk (if you have not tried goat cheese, you have not been on the island). Flavours of olive oil are diverse, and they are all good, apart of those not properly stored. Once the oil was kept in big stone jars- Today, also as a part of EU standards, special conditions are created for the best oil. Of course, there is no better than oil and bread, and while pilchard and sardines are prepared on grill, you can taste the virgin perfection while you watch sunset on Krk.