Trail of prosciutto and wine

Four day food & wine tour in Istria

Vinske ceste - Istria

Price per person: 3.223,99 Kn

Availability: October 3-6, 10-13, 17-20, 24-27

- Wine tours
- Vošteni prosciutto factory
- Hum, the smallest town in the world
- Truffles
- Food&Wine Pairings
- Authentic Istrian rural accommodation, homesteads and agritourisms, taverns with homemade food

Day one
Arrival at Trieste airport. Transfer to Agritourism Dol. Walk through the estate, followed by dinner constisting of homemade minestrone and meat baked under the baking lid.

Day two
Istarski pršut Visiting Agrolaguna vineyards. We take a tour of wine road and vineyard with experts, as well as of the wine cellar. Degustation of one quality and 3 premium wines, followed by sweet wine, sheep, cow, mixed cheese, and cheese with truffles, and degustation of 4 sorts of olive oil. If season permits, guests can also participate in grape harvesting.
Lunch is served at Tavern Danijela in vicinity of Poreč. After the lunch free time is organised for tour of Poreč city.
Visit to the Vošten prosciutto ham manufactory. Learn how prosciutto is made, and walk around the estate. Dinner in Tomaž Tavern constists of prosciutto, cheese, smoked pork loin and bacon, pasta with venison, boškarin (authentic Istrian ox) steak with potatoes and grilled vegetables and kroštule and fritters. Live music.